Eerie Tales of Terror & Dread by Bernhardt J. Hurwood [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1992 Point Horror

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Eerie Tales of Terror & Dread by Bernhardt J. Hurwood 


Book is in excellent condition.   Like new and unread w/ tanning to pages. 

ee-rie (êr'i, e'ri), adj. (northern Eng. dial. & Scot.) inspiring fear; weird; uncanny.--SYN. see weird.

And these tales are all of that: They are weird and uncanny. They will inspire fear in you as you read about:

1/The magician's wife who truly disappears, never to be seen again by human eyes.

2/The young motorcyclist who witnesses a blood-thirsty battle fought on the same spot more than one hundred years before.

3/The beautiful and mysterious girl who turns into a hideous serpent, with glowing eyes and dripping fangs.

Plus seven additional tales to mystify and frighten you. By the author of GHOSTS, GHOULS & OTHER HORRORS; VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES & OTHER DEMONS; and HAUNTED HOUSES.