Fanfan by Alexandre Jardin [FIRST EDITION / FIRST PRINTING]

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First US printing.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  Like new w/ trace wear. 

Alexandre Crusoé and Fanfan are twenty when they meet for the first time. He understands very quickly that this unpredictable girl is the woman of her life and that she loves him; but he does not have the courage to deceive or leave Laure, with whom he flows peaceful days. The idea of ​​walking in the footsteps of his parents inconstant panic. He dreams of stability and dreads the passionate fanatic who sleeps in him. 

As a worthy descendant of Robinson Crusoe, Alexandre then embarks on a singular adventure: he decides to always resist the desire inspired by Fanfan and never to confess his passion in order to keep it out of time.   Courting Fanfan without bending becomes his maxim.