Fear and Trembling by Søren Kierkegaard [PENGUIN TRADE PAPERBACK]

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Fear and Trembling by Soren Kierkegaard


Cover has some wear and a small surface tear on back but is overall in nice shape.   Some notes written on title and index page but rest of the content inside is unmarked. 

In Fear and Trembling, Kierkegaard wanted to understand the anxiety that must have been present in Abraham when God commanded him to offer his son as a human sacrifice. Abraham had a choice to complete the task or to forget it. He resigned himself to the loss of his son, acting according to his faith. In other words, one must be willing to give up all his or her earthly possessions in infinite resignation and must also be willing to give up whatever it is that he or she loves more than God. Abraham had passed the test -- his love for God proved greater than anything else in him. And because a good and just Creator would not want a father to kill his son, God intervened at the last moment to prevent the sacrifice.