Fear Street #13: The Secret Bedroom by R.L. Stine [1991 PAPERBACK]

  • $15.00

The Secret Bedroom by R.L. Stine [FEAR STREET #13]


Vintage paperback in excellent condition.  Cover is nice with some mild wear to corners / edges.  Inside appears unread.  Reads as new. 

Lea Carson can't believe it when her family moves into the creepy, old house on Fear Street. Most creepy of all is the secret room up in the attic.

The room has been locked and boarded up for at least a hundred years. A murder was committed in that room, the story goes, and it has been closed up ever since.

Lea knows she should stay away. But she thinks she hears footsteps inside the secret room. And voices.

Someone—or something—is waiting for Lea in there.   Should she open the door?

Can she resist?