Fiskadoro by Denis Johnson [1986] FIRST PAPERBACK EDITION

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Fiskadoro by Denis Johnson


Second Printing / 1986. 

Like new and still unread copy in very good condition.   Some peeling / wrinkling to plastic coating on cover and a small edge tear on first page [see last photo] - otherwise mint. 

One of Johnson's most celebrated novels, this horrifying yet touching vision of a nuclear-age America was hailed the New York Times as wildly ambitious and "the sort of book that a young Herman Melville might have written had he lived today and studied such disparate works as the Bible, 'The Wasteland,' Fahrenheit 451, and Dog Soldiers, screened Star Wars and Apocalypse Now several times, dropped a lot of acid and listened to hours of Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones," Fiskadoro is a stunning novel of an all-too-possible tomorrow.

Deeply moving and provacative, Fiskadoro brilliantly presents the sweeping and heartbreaking tale of the survivors of a devastating nuclear war and their attempts to salvage remnants of the old world and rebuild their culture.