Ghost Cadet by Elaine Marie Alphin SIGNED! [1991 PAPERBACK]

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Ghost Cadet by Elaine Marie Alphin 


*Title page signed and inscribed by author, Elaine Marie Alphin

Book is in very good reading condition.  Some sticker damage to back cover.  Otherwise, excellent. 

Honor is everything--even to a ghost cadet!

Benjy Stark isn't at all happy about spending his spring vacation with his grandmother in Virginia. She probably won't like him; no one else seems to. So the last thing Benjy expects to do is make a friend--especially one who's a ghost!

Cadet William Hugh McDowell was killed at the Civil War battle of New Market more than one hundred years ago. He's doomed to haunt the battlefield until he finds his grandfather's gold watch--the watch he'd hidden from the Yankees just before he died.

If Hugh's spirit is ever to rest in peace, Benjy must help him find the watch and get it back to its rightful place in history. Benjy is scared. After all, no one has ever depended on him for anything. Now Benjy's new best friend is betting all eternity that he will succeed.