Ghostwriter: Amazement Park Adventure by Richie Chevat [TV TIE-IN ACTIVITY BOOK] 1994

  • $15.00

Ghostwriter - Amazement Park Adventure by Richie Chevat 


Ineractive TV tie-in paperback from the classic PBS supernatural kid detective series.

A still new and mint vintage paperback.  Features a mainline story and several pages of activities ranging from crosswords to other puzzles. 

The Ghostwriter team is going to Coney Island, and you're invited! But beware. There's more to this adventure than you might think.

There's a whole underground world to explore, a world where a right turn at the baseball-toss arcade just might lead to the pitch-dark Chamber of Horrors — or your own scary reflection in the Hall of Mirrors! The choice is yours.

Puzzled by the room with the checkerboard floor. Well, you should be. This whole book is a game, and you're the key player! Klondike the Clown has left behind a series of mind-bending puzzles and a fortune. If you choose the right path in this seemingly endless maze and solve all the puzzles you encounter, you'll lead the Ghostwriter team to his hidden treasure!