Ghoul by Michael Slade [FIRST BOOK CLUB EDITION] 1987 • Beech Tree

  • $25.00

Ghoul by Michael Slade [SPECIAL X #2]


Hardcover with dust jacket in good condition.  

Dust jacket has a touch of wear and tear; a few small sealed edge tears, but is overall sharp and in tact.  Now housed in a new HQ brodart jacket protector. 

Book itself is near mint; looks and reads as new. 

Dressed in a cape and top hat, with a bone white face and madman's eyes, the Ghoul crawls from the London sewers to kill - bloodily, perversely, inexplicably. 

In Vancouver, the horror rock group Ghoul cavort onstage, their act a bizarre and violent front. But, for what? Drugs? Snuff films? Dirty money? Contract killings? Inspector Zinc Chandler of Special X thinks he knows.

Is there a connection between London's orgy of killings and Vancouver's underworld sleaze?  The answer could lie in the dark obsessions and twisted Cthulhu Mythos fantasies of an old Rhode Island family whose tainted past will not lie quiet in its grave.