Goosebumps Monster Edition #3 by R.L. Stine [1997 HARDCOVER ANTHOLOGY] The Ghost Next Door, Ghost Beach, The Barking Ghost

  • $20.00

Goosebumps Monster Edition #3 [The Ghost Next Door, Ghost Beach, The Barking Ghost] by R.L. Stine 


Contains three complete novels

Book is in very good condition. Sound chip inside front cover works great and screams clearly with each opening.  Very rare with a working chip.  See video!

Cover shows visible shelf / rub wear and a few tiny punctures. Gift inscription on first page. Otherwise, Reads as new with stark white pages. 

A monster edition of three classic Goosebumps tales comes complete with a wailing sound chip and the classic stories:

Goosebumps #10 - The Ghost Next Door
Goosebumps #22 - Ghost Beach
Goosebumps #32 - Barking Ghost.