Gremlins 2: The New Batch by David Bischoff [MOVIE TIE-IN PAPERBACK] 1990

  • $14.00

Gremlins 2 : The New Batch by David Bischoff based on the film written by Charlie Haas


Vintage paperback in excellent condition; tight and seemingly unread copy w/ some edge wear to cover and tanning to pages.

Keep them out of bright light, away from water—and never... never... feed them after midnight!

Who would have thought that within every playful, cuddly Mogwai there lurked a gleefully malevolent gremlin? Billy Peltzer and his girlfriend Kate Beringer found out the hard way—and it nearly destroyed their hometown of Kingston Falls. Now the young lovers have come to New York to seek their fortunes. But the towering, high-tech office building in which they work is about to become a breeding ground for a whole new batch of deliciously malicious creatures.

Start spreading the news. The gremlins—lots of them—have come to take Manhattan... and they're itching to comically paint the Big Apple gremlin green!