Haunted House by Jan Pieńkowski & Tor Lokvig [FIRST EDITION POP-UP BOOK] 1979

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Haunted House by Jan Pieńkowski & paper engineer Tor Lokvig 


9th printing of this Classic vintage spooky pop-up book!

Tall clean & sharp hardcover in good condition.   Cover is in great shape as are most of the pages / pop-ups.  Visible wear and  a name written on copyright page. 

few spots of damage:

Sealed tear to staircase on first page and a loose ghost [see photos] -- not sure where he belongs [assuming the closet he fell out of] but surely he can be somehow reattached.

The rest of the pop-ups are in good to great shape and most to all work as intended. 

Revisit – if you dare! – one of the best-loved pop-up books of all time!

Come in, Doctor. Yes, it is a quaint old place - chilly, though...

The owner of the Haunted House is unwell, and it's not surprising. There's a ghoul in the cupboard, an octopus in the sink, a crocodile in the bath, and in every room, a sinister black cat watching it all with roving eyes. Every page of this thrilling pop-up book is packed with spine-tingling surprises, culminating in a spectacular final spread complete with a creepy creaking saw.

Since 1979, hundreds of thousands of readers have taken this scared-silly tour of one of the best-selling pop-up books of all time. This is one Haunted House that remains as innovative and exciting today as it was twenty-six years ago-but now offers even more tantalizing twists.