Illusion by Andrew Neiderman [FIRST EDITION] 1987

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Illusion by Andrew Neiderman 


1st printing w/ embossed metallic cover fonts.

Excellent reading copy.    Cover has some shelf and edge wear; read wear to spine and some library residue to tip of spine.   

Reads good as new!  stamp on first page.

Jillian Caldwell, late twenties, works for an advertising agency in New York. Ron Cutler, early thirties, comes to her for a promotional project for his upstate New York Department stores. A romance ensues. Shortly after Ron presents Jillian with an engagement ring, he disappears. Phone calls do no good. There is no number in his name and the department store knows only a John Cutler.

Jillian goes upstate to search for Ron and discovers Ron has been dead for five years. When she confronts John Cutler, Ron’s father, he finally confesses that his wife was unable to have children and he impregnated another woman, paying her to have his child. Jillian finds the woman and discovers that, unknown to John, she had twins and kept one, expecting to blackmail him later. However, she grew so attached to the child herself, she brought him up and eventually told him the truth.

Paul Kane (Ron’s twin) became obsessed with the idea that his twin brother’s identity had merged with his own. He learned all he could about his dead brother and, in something a schizophrenic episode, he courted Jillian. At first Jillian is angry, but she love she experienced was significant and she develops a new love affair as she helps him face up to his identity crisis. When she brings him to his father, she provides everyone with a second chance at happiness.