Island by Richard Laymon [2002 PAPERBACK] • Leisure Horror

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Island by Richard Laymon 


*First Leisure Printing with metallic embossed cover fonts and new intro by Dean Koontz. 

Beautiful condition.  Clean, tight and seemingly unread with trace shelf wear. 

When Rupert Conway set out on a cruise with seven other people, he planned to swim a little, get some sun and relax. He certainly didn't plan to get shipwrecked. But after the yacht blew up, that's what happened - he and his shipmates were stranded on a deserted island. Luckily for them, the island has plenty of fresh water and enough food to last until they get rescued. And luckily for Rupert, most of his fellow castaways are attractive women.

But that's where his luck ran out - because the castaways aren't alone on the island. In the dense jungle beyond the beach there's a maniac on the loose, a killer with a murderous heart, a clever mind and a a taste for blood. He doesn't like his new neightbors and he plans to slaughter them by one.