JFK: Conspiracy of Silence by Charles A. Crenshaw [FIRST EDITION PAPERBACK] 1992

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JFK: Conspiracy of Silence by Charles A. Crenshaw M.D. with J. Gary Shaw and Jens Hansen


Book is in excellent condition.  Like new with trace shelf wear.

In this book, Dr. Crenshaw provides testimony he was not allowed to give to the Warren Commission. He explains why he was convinced that JFK was the victim of a second assassin. He reveals the eerie telephone call he received from the newly sworn-in President, Lyndon Johnson. He details the behaviour of Jacqueline Kennedy at the hospital. He describes the strong-arm security forces that invaded the hospital and their virtual kidnapping of JFK's corpse. He tells of the stifling of his and other doctor's voices in the aftermath of the tragedy. Direct, personal, and unwavering, this powerful eyewitness account presents unimpeachable evidence - including a fresh focus on the role of Jack Ruby - to shed light on the greatest cover-up in U.S. history.