Journey in the Dark by Martin Flavin [1944 HARDCOVER] The People's Book Club

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Journey in the Dark by Martin Flavin


Rare special book club printing.

Antique hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.

Dust Jacket shows wear and tear; some discoloration from age.  Housed in protective mylar.

Book itself is pristine; clean cloth boards.  Name of orig. owner on front flyleaf. Reads perfectly! 

Winner of the 1944 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

In a sensitive and full dimensioned portrayal of American life, Martin Flavin has created a memorable character. By turns admirable, pitiable, tough, noble, weak, futile, and brilliantly effective, a lonely man going nowhere in the dark, Sam Braden mirrors thousands like him who have put their familiar stamp upon the American way of life.

He wanted wealth, and he got it. He wanted to belong to the social world in which the Wyatts moved so easily, and in time he did. Most of all he wanted Eileen Wyatt, and this too he achieved, but only after a fashion. To explain this average man who had wanted success above everything, and who achieved an enviable degree of it and yet who never escaped from the prison of his loneliness, Martin Flavin takes the reader back to the friendly, democratic world that existed along the Mississippi in the Eighties, to the influences which shaped the boy and fixed the pattern of the man.