Junior Prom by Patricia Aks [1982 PAPERBACK] Wildfire #32

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Junior Prom by Patricia Aks


Nice reading copy.  Cover has some corner / edge wear and discoloration.  Reads as new with tanning. 

Amy is positive she’s the only sophomore who has never had a date!  She doesn't even know any boy—except Jeff.  But he's quiet and shy and hardly knows Amy is alive.  

More than anything, Amy wants to go to the Junior Prom.  She won't have a chance, though, unless she does something drastic.  So she launches a campaign to get a Prom invitation from a junior boy. 

Her plan seems to work at first.  She has dates with Grant and Len and Hank.  But no boy asks her out twice.  What does Amy do wrong?  When the prom is just ten days away, Amy loses all hope of ever being asked.  But then...