Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine [FIRST EDITION / FIRST PRINTING] 1991

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Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine


Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition.   Minor shelf wear to dust jacket.  Book itself is very good; slight crack to spine at center of book [see last photo] otherwise, near mint. 

In the Hitchhiker's Trilogy and the best-selling Dirk Gently novels, Douglas Adams has taken millions of fans on wild excursions through time and space. Last Chance to See continues the trip--but this time the place is Earth, the date is today, and every word is true.

Join Douglas Adams and zoologist Mark Carwardine as they travel around the world in search of exotic, endangered creatures. In New Zealand they find the helpless but lovable kakapo: "You want to hug it and tell it everything will be all right, though you know that it probably won't be." In Indonesia they meet the giant Komoo dragon: "One is over twelve feet long and stands about a yard high, which you can't help but feel is entirely the wrong size of a lizard to be." They discover blind river dolphins in China, white rhinos in Zaïre, and rare birds in Mauritius, the home of the long-extinct dodo. Everywhere they see life in astonishing variety and imminent peril.

To read Last Chance to See is to take the trip of a lifetime with the ideal traveling companions. By turns hilarious and poignant, this book is a treat for Douglas Adams fans and a joy for anyone interested in the beauty and variety of Earth's wildlife.