Maggie Cassidy by Jack Kerouac [1968 PAPERBACK]

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Maggie Cassidy by Jack Kerouac 


Mass market paperback.  Book is in excellent condition.  Binding and cover are excellent w/ only very minor wear.   Tanning to cover and pages. 

Though publishers stopped Maggie Cassidy's Jack Duluoz and On the Road's Sal Paradise from sharing the same name, Kerouac meant the books to be two parts of the same life. While On the Road made Paradise (and Kerouac) a hero for generations to come of the disaffected and restless, Maggie Cassidy is an affectionate portrait of the teenager that made the man - of friendship and first love growing up in a New England mill town. Duluoz is a high school athletics and football star who meets Maggie Cassidy and begins a devoted, inconstant, tender adolescent love affair. It is one of the most sustained, poetic pieces of Kerouac's 'spontaneous prose'.