My Bookhouse: Through The Gate edited by Olive Beaupré Miller [1948 HARDCOVER]

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My Bookhouse: Through The Gate edited by Olive Beaupré Miller 


32nd printing with navy blue boards.  Book is in excellent condition.  Shelf wear to boards.  Reads perfectly with just some faint spotting to a few pages.  Great collection!

Cinderella • Adapted From Perrault
Doll I' the Grass • A Norse Folk Tale
Elsa and the Ten Elves • A Swedish Fairy Tale
The Little Toy Land of the Dutch • Olive Beaupré Miller
The Boy Hero of Harlem • A Legend of Holland
Christening the Baby in Russia • Arthur Ransome
Hansel and Grethel • Adapted From the Opera by Engelbert Humperdinck
The Boy Samuel • Retold From the Bible
The Nutcracker and Sugardolly Stories • Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
A Child in a Mexican Garden • Grace H. Conkling
The Battle of the Frogs and the Mice • Retold From a Classic Greek Poem
A Milkweed, and a Buttercup • Peter Newell
Little Diamond and the North Wind • George Macdonald
The Knight • Paul Laurence Dunbar
How Brer Rabbit Met Brer Tar-baby
The Girl Who Used Her Wits • A Chinese Folk Tale
Hallowe'en • Olive Beaupré Miller
The Blacksmith • A Story of the Song by Johannes Brahms
Old Stormalong • A Yarn of American Sailors
The Cowboy's Life • American Cowboy Song
Pecos Bill, the Cowboy • A Tall Tale of American Cowboys
Old Johnny Appleseed • A Legend of the Middle West