Never Tease A Weasel by Jean Conder Soule & Denman Hampson [FIRST EDITION] 1964

  • $18.00

Never Tease A Weasel by Jean Conder Soule and illustrated by Denman Hampson


Antique hardcover in excellent condition.  Minor read wear;  inside is clean and unmarked.  Cover is near mint with trace shelf wear.  Beautiful copy! 

A funny, finger-wagging rhyme with some very good advice: never tease a weasel, because teasing isn't nice! Rather, kids should do nice things for animals, such as bake a drake a cake, or give a mule a pool, and much more.

Long out of print, this is the original edition of Never Tease a Weasel with original artwork by Denman Hampson.

It will surely please a weasel, and everyone else who reads it!