Next After Lucifer by Daniel Rhodes [1988 PAPERBACK] TOR Horror

  • $12.00

Next After Lucifer by Daniel Rhodes 


Rare 1st TOR HORROR printing w/ metallic embossed fonts on cover. 

Like new and unread.  Trace shelf wear / tanning to pages.

Evil never dies. It may sleep for centuries, and then awaken to bring horror into the lives of modern people who have never dreamed that the supernatural might be real.

NEXT, AFTER LUCIFER takes place in a quiet rural village in France. There, in the year 1307, a medieval knight--a renegade Templar named Guilhem de Courdeval--was burned at the stake for practicing magic, offering sacrifices to the demon Belial by ruthless murdering and drinking the victims' blood in vampire rituals. After his execution, his evil spirit was sealed in a hidden underground spring, and trapped there for almost 700 years.

But when a wealthy American couple arrives to rent a nearby luxury villa, the sacred spring is tapped to fill their swimming pool--with no one realizing that the vampire Courdeval is now released, and free to ply his evil magic again.
His first agenda is to possess a human body, through sinister, supernatural seduction--a tightening vise of horror that brings tragedy, death, and spine-chilling fear to the local French villagers and the Americans alike.