Pearl Jam: Place/Date by Lance Mercer & Charles Peterson [FIRST EDITION / FIRST PRINTING] 1998

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Pearl Jam: Place/Date by [photographers] Lance Mercer & Charles Peterson 


Deluxe Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition. 

Light wear to DJ.  Book is excellent; HQ art book with heavy duty glossy photo pages. 

The first official book done in association with the media-shy band that redefined the musical sound of the 1990s, Pearl Jam: Place/Date captures the raw intensity, behind-the-scenes comraderie, and devoted fan phenomenon of today's most unconventional supergroup. Having sold over 30 million albums since its triumphant 1991 debut 10, Pearl Jam brought the hard-edged, estranged and oftentimes angry sound of Seattle to the musical forefront. They pioneered a movement in music and culture that quickly became known as grunge. Imitators followed, and the band could have quickly lost touch with its fans and unpretentious ideals and become simply a money-making celebrity group. Instead, Eddie Vedder and the members of Pearl Jam took on the establishment: challenging Ticketmaster's control over concert venues and ticket prices and refusing media any access to the band--even through music videos--during the peak of their success. Pearl Jam's disappearance from media and from traditional touring has intensified the loyalty of its fans and has refocused the band's attention on its original musical center. Despite the lack of advertising and recent shifts in musical trends, Pearl Jam concerts repeatedly sell out within hours for the hundreds of thousands who remain devoted to a group that continues to uphold its musical and political integrity. Allowed access to the concerts, jam sessions, and private moments of Pearl Jam's members, photographers Charles Peterson and Lance Mercer provide a heretofore unseen record of the Pearl Jam experience for new and diehard fans alike.