Photon #2 - High Stakes by Peter David [1987 GAME TIE-IN PAPERBACK]

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High Stakes by Peter David  [PHOTON #2]


Photon Laser Tag inspired paperback.  Tight and unread copy w/ edge wear; and a slight bend to binding.  

On Earth, Photon is a game ... and Christopher Jarvis is one of its best players - wielding his laser gun with high-scoring precision and razor-sharp skill.

But in space, Photon is for real ... and Christopher Jarvis becomes Bhodi Li - Photon Warrior - the newest recruit in the elite fighting corp. Their mission: to stop the dark Warlord of Arr in his savage conquest of the universe.

High Stakes
They call him the Gambler. The newest recruit in the Photon Force. A warrior of natural talent. Charming as well as cunning, but dangerously irresponsible, he leads the Guardians into one perilous jam after another. Until his fun-seeking exploits jeopardize the lives of his friends Bhodi Li and Parcival, and put the entire planet of Dekka at the mery of the Dark Warlord ...