Pippi Longstocking in the Park by Astrid Lindgren [U.S. FIRST EDITION] 2001 • R&S Books • Mint!

  • $25.00

Pippi Longstocking in the Park by Astrid Lindgren with pictures by Ingrid Nyman


Large glossy hardcover picture book w. original full color illustrations.   

Book is mint and reads like new.  Only minor trace wear.  

The further adventures of the world's strongest girl.

The tiny town where Pippi Longstocking lives is really peaceful. But it's different in the big city. The city park is teeming with bad guys, and the police seem powerless to stop them. So Pippi decides to move to the park with her friends, Tommy and Annika, her monkey, and her horse -- and Villa Villekulla. Pippi simply brings the boards and rebuilds the house in an afternoon. The very first evening, as the three friends gaze happily out at the city's twinkling lights, the bad guys show up to begin their usual fun. They pull men's mustaches and grab women's purses. But that's only until they come face-to-face with Pippi, the world's strongest girl!

Children will immediately identify with Pippi's independent spirit in this playful companion to Do You Know Pippi Longstocking?