Praise by Andrew McGahan [AU TRADE PAPERBACK] 2000 • Allen & Unwin

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 Praise by Andrew McGahan



Rare 2000 Australian import - trade paperback re-issue.  Very cool edition of this aussie Gen X grunge staple. 

Like new and seemingly unread w. some inevitable tanning.


The Bukowski-inspired first novel that made McGahan a cult bestseller Down Under, "Praise" is urgent, raw, and piercingly truthful, as it explores the ground between dreams and the self-destruction of an entire generation. 

A story about being young in a world where drugs and alcohol dominate, where sex scalds and soothes, where welfare is an easier alternative than working, where survival means taking nothing and no one too seriously. Gordon is a young man whose libido is awakened only to leave him emotionally torn between the woman who has his body and the woman to whom he'd give his soul. Andrew McGahan allows these characters to conduct their mating dance to a tune performed with mordant humor. This is an astonishingly honest story about male sexuality - including the fears and the misogny as well as the possibilities.