Private Parts by Howard Stern [FIRST EDITION]

  • $6.00


Hardcover with dust jacket.  Dust jacket is in nice shape with some moderate  wear.   Cloth portion of book cover has some color draining from getting wet at some point along with some wear and marks.  Inside however, pages read good as new. 

In "Private Parts" Stern spills his life story, from his dysfunctional beginnings to his unlikely, turbulent rise to super stardom. In the process, he shares his views on everything from foreign policy to fatherhood and Madonna to masturbation, with lots of lesbians in between. No matter whose side you're on -- Cher's "I hate him. He's just a creep, " or Stallone's "I love him. I really love him" -- Stern's brutally frank "Don't ask, I'll tell" tome spares no group or institution. Studded throughout with Howard's favorite photos, pickings from the Hate-Mailbag and illustrations, this is the original, in-your-face manifesto complete with movie art that will once again have fans storming the bookstores...and everyone else running for cover.