Prom Dress by Lael Littke [1989 PAPEBACK] Point Horror #12

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Prom Dress by Lael Littke [POINT HORROR #12]


Perfect vintage reading copy.  Cover shows visible edge / read wear; a few chipped corners.

Reads great!

No one who wears the dress is ever the same again. Robin is too poor to buy a new dress for the prom. Then she finds the perfect, beautiful dress in the attic of her mysterious employer's house. She "borrows" it to wear to the prom...and dances into her worst nightmare. Then Felicia finds the dress. The price she pays for wearing it is more than any girl should pay... But Nicole is too smart to be caught in the dress. Isn't she? Poor Nicole! And then there's Gabrielle, Robin's little sister. Did she find the dress? Or did the dress find Gabrielle? Can anyone stop the fatal attraction of the Prom Dress?