Proust: A Biography by Andre Maurois [1960 PAPERBACK]

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Proust: A Biography by André Maurois


2nd Printing in very good condition.   Seemingly unread copy with heavy rub wear to cover.  Chipped corner on front.  Reads as new on vintage white acid-free paper. 

Marcel Proust is an introduction to Proust’s worldview, his philosophy of life and his aspirations as an artist. Maurois outlines the structure of the novel In Search of the Lost Time, which, despite its apparent chaos, has been considered down to the last detail. He also reflects on Proust’s creative process, the ways in which he transformed into art everything he perceived, from trivial everyday events to fine nuances of emotion and relationships.

André Maurois (1885-1967) was a member of the French Academy and a respected novelist whose wife belonged to Proust's circle of acquaintances. Translated by Inkeri Tuomikoski.