Ramona Forever by Beverly Cleary [1988 HARDCOVER]

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Ramona Forever by Beverly Cleary [RAMONA #7]


TV tie in edition for the old Disney Channel series with Sarah Polley.

Vintage hardback in excellent condition.  Minor wear.  Reads like new. 

What's going to happen next at the Quimby house? Things are changing quickly for Ramona, who finds that being a grown-up third-grader is hard work. Nothing is the way it used to be.

Mr. Quimby worries about finding a teaching job, while Ramona worries about where they'll move if he does. Then Ramona's Aunt Bea says she's getting married in two weeks. This is Ramona's big chance to be a bridesmaid, but can they plan a wedding in such a short amount of time?

What will happen next? One surprise seems to follow another. But what will Ramona say about the biggest surprise of all--one that will change her life forever?