Red Shift by Alan Garner [U.K. TRADE PAPERBACK] 1985 Flamingo

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Red Shift by Alan Garner 


Beautiful near fine copy w mild shelf wear to cover and tanning to pages.  

Three men, distanced from each other in time and isolated from those they live amongst, are inextricably bound together by the sacred power of the moon's axe. Under Orion's stars, bluesiler visions torment Macey, Thomas and Tom as they struggle with forces through the ages.

In second-century Britain, Macey and a gang of fellow deserters from the Roman army hunt and are hunted by deadly local tribes. Fifteen centuries later, during the English Civil War, Thomas Rowley hides from the ruthless troops who have encircled his village. And in contemporary Britain, Tom, a precocious, love-struck, mentally unstable teenager, struggles to cope with the imminent departure for London of his girlfriend, Jan.

Three separate stories, three utterly different lives, distant in time and yet strangely linked to a single place, the mysterious, looming outcrop known as Mow Cop, and a single object, the blunt head of a stone axe: all these come together in Alan Garner's extraordinary Red Shift, a pyrotechnical and deeply moving elaboration on themes of chance and fate, time and eternity, visionary awakening and destructive madness.