Rip Tide by Donald D. Cheatham [FIRST EDITION • FIRST PRINTING] 1984 • Zebra Horror • Mega Rare

  • $90.00

Rip Tide by Donald D. Cheatham


Mega Rare early Zebra mass market paperback original.  1st printing w/ embossed title fonts and metallic embossed shark teeth.   Awesome cover.  

Book is in excellent condition.  Clean, tight and seemingly still unread copy with some mild shelf / edge wear to cover.   

Very slight lean.  Reads like new with a hint of tanning. *election day sticker on underside of cover.

The water was warm, the waves were cresting and the twenty-six-foot shadow went unnoticed as it searched for prey. It had consumed several
dozen horseshoe crabs, an assortment of beer cans and beach litter, a Labrador Retriever that had strayed too far from shore-and it was still hungry...

The bathers, the sun worshipers, the vacationers- they were all too busy to notice the sinister gray fin that surfaced for a brief second and then disappeared. The young high school student who was practicing his backstroke caught a glimpse of the voracious monster but it was too late to scream. And all that was left of the pretty blonde was her bikini floating out to sea. They weren't the first victims and they wouldn't be the last to be swallowed into the deadly depths of the RIP TIDE.