Save Johanna! by Francine Pascal [1982 PAPERBACK]

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Save Johanna! by Francine Pascal 


Rare out-of-print horror novel from the Sweet Valley author inspired by the cult murders of Charles Manson and Jim Jones.

Nifty metallic mirrored paperback printing.  Solid reading copy with some wear to cover and tanning to pages. 

From the author of the Sweet Valley series, Francine Pascal, comes this chilling psychological thriller.

At 33 years of age Johanna Morgan has life under control, or so it seems. Should we be concerned then when Johanna decides to base her novel on the life of the hippie cult leader, mass murder Avrum Maheely? And if Avrum personifies evil in its purest form, why does she find him so fascinating, so irresistible?

Johanna's cool professionalism begins to slip away as she leaves the safe terrain of Manhattan and begins exploring Maheely's jungle. She speaks to Maheely's followers both in and out of jail, and subtly, compellingly, she is drawn into that sinister netherworld inhabiting by his family. The twisted psyches she re-creates for her novel come to life, and once alive, they beckon Johanna to come and join them in their world.

Maheely himself is the greatest magnet; a dark sexual force drawing Johanna from David's embrace into a world with no familiar patterns. Confused, frightened, she writes on, page after page, day after day, finding herself racing toward a bizarre confrontation with Maheely, with his fanatical followers, with herself.Save Johanna, but is there time?