Say You Love Satan by David St. Clair [FIRST EDITION / FIRST PRINTING] 1987

  • $66.60

Say You Love Satan by David St. Clair 


Nice 1st w/ metallic embossed cover of this rare, long out of print true crime gem.   

Some visible wear and discoloration to cover [mostly to white embossed fonts on front;]   Cropped lower-left corner on back cover. 

Otherwise, a clean, tight and square copy that reads perfectly w/ some inevitable tanning to pages.  

Ricky Kasso, Jimmy Trolano, and Gary Lauwers were three kids from good homes. But by the time they hit high school they were bad boys....Cutting class, smoking marijuana, taking LSD and angel dust. Everyone knew they were headed for trouble, but no guessed that they were also "getting into Satan"...Until one dark night in the chic town of Northport, Satan said to kill...