Scandinavian Folk & Fairy Tales: Tales From Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Iceland [FIRST EDITION] 1984 • Avenel Books

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Scandinavian Folk & Fairy Tales: Tales From Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Iceland edited by Claire Booss


Complete and unabridged and filled with original classic illustrations from native artists.

Hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.

Dust jacket is in very nice shape; some visible shelf and rub wear, but clean and fully in tact.   Now housed in a new HQ brodart jacket protector.

Book itself is excellent; light wear to boards.  Pages have tanning but read like new otherwise. 

A collection of more than 200 stories from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland with over 100 illustrations by native artists.  

The first definitive collection of folklore from all five Scandinavian countries, the power of the real, the darkness of the un- known, the delight of the impossible-these are only some of the qualities of excitement to be found in these unique tales. There is also a lyrical, happy, romantic side, and an earthy, comic, lusty quality as well. The tales in this volume have been chosen for their individual appeal as well as to represent the broadest possible range of emotional experiences a reader can enjoy. And the authentic and intriguing art that accompanies them masterfully expresses all the varying moods.
Scandinavian stories have a wealth of super- natural creatures-fairies, elves, ghosts, goblins, dwarfs, giants, trolls, and spirits of the house and barnyard, such as nisses and tomts. The trolls, for example, are perhaps the single most celebrated creation of the Scandinavian imagination. Their form varies from country to country, but although they are usually gro- tesque, evil-looking creatures, they somehow still manage to be a little pathetic, touching, and comic to the reader. (Observe the Swedish ex- ample on the back of the jacket.) They often reward human kindness with powerful tools but usually with strings attached! Or they can be vengeful, putting a curse on any person who has stopped them from getting their way. An in- triguing and significant kind of Norwegian folk tale is the changeling story, in which a troll's offspring is switched in the cradle with a human child. In this collection, sample "The Greedy Youngster" and "The Witch."