Sex Therapist: My Story by Amanda Stewart [1975 PAPERBACK]

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Sex Therapist: My Story by Amanda Stewart 


*Vintage adult paperback.  Title intended for adults only. 

Tight unread paperback w/ some heavy discoloration to cover.  A few pages have some pin sized margin tears [see last photo]  -- Cool vintage cigarette ad at center of the book. 

Are the new sex therapists part of the legitimate medical community- or are they prostitutes? Are they healers- or hookers...?"

Amanda Stewart is young bright and beautiful.  She works hart at her job and enjoys it; it gives her a feeling of accomplishment.  What does she do?  She's a sex therapist; she works as a paid bed-partner to men with sexual problems.  

This is her story-- the frank, often shocking look at what really goes on in a sex clinic.  She talks about how he feels and about the startling new ways to treat the bedroom problems so many men have but are often afraid or ashamed to talk about.