So Weird: Web Sight by Pam Pollock & Meg Belviso [TV TIE-IN TRADE PAPERBACK / 2000]

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So Weird: Web Sight by Pam Pollock & Meg Belviso


TV tie-in paperback from the Disney Channel OG series.   Book is in excellent condition w/ some minor wear to cover.  Reads good as new w/ tanning. 

Junior novel adapted from the Disney Channel original series. 

Can a computer predict the future? Mystery e-mail with a message? Fi is a Web whiz, but when she starts getting weird e-mails from an unknown person, even she can't figure out what's going on. Even worse, the phantom messages take her to a Web site that can foresee the future#151;and the future doesn't look good for Fi and her family. She convinces Jack and Clu to do some detective work with her to find out who#151;or what#151;is behind the eerie e-mails.Based on the television script by Sean Abley, and adapted by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso. So Weird is seen on the Disney Channel.