Something Stirs by Charles L. Grant [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1993 • TOR Horror

  • $18.00

Something Stirs by Charles L. Grant 


First TOR printing with embossed cover and title fonts.

Book is mint and unread with some very mild shelf wear to cover. 


The Pack, a group of teenagers, gathers to mourn at the Starlite Diner. Eddie, their leader, is dead. The survivors are all outcasts from high school's usual cliques: Scott, who heard the scream the night Eddie died; Katie, who lives with her senile grandmother; Barnaby, whose placid strength masks a powerful anger; Laine, always protective of her slightly slow younger brother; and the others.

United first by Eddie's forceful personality and now by his death an the increasingly brutal murders that follow, the young people are the eye of a storm of death and destruction.

For some reason, only the members of the Pack hear the terrible screams that mark each death. Only they will be able to stop the killing.