Specters by J.M. Dillard [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1991

  • $12.00

Specters by J.M. Dillard 


1st dell printing w/ cool 3/d metallic embossed cover. 

Book is mint; like new and unread. 

On a black April night on Route 123, a silver Mercedes hurtles through the rain. The man inside wears a Rolex watch and a Burberry coat, and carries years of bloody secrets toward his new home and hunting ground...

He knows they wanted him to do it... that they enjoyed it. He keeps a scrapbook—pictures to remember them by: from pale, vulnerable Avra, his Blue Angel, to Marie, to little Celia, clutching her toy bear and not crying at all... Why are they coming back to him in his new home in Florida? Why does the girl with the broken neck stand in his shadowed hallway, and how did the toy bear—once burned to ashes—come to lie on his floor? "Someone must be punished." The voice inside Dr. Feinman's head grows louder. The past collides with the present. The blood-red tide is loosened. Once again Dr. Feinman is looking into the eyes of his Blue Angel. She is real, and she remembers all the horror of his crimes...