STICKBOY Issues #1-4 by Dennis Worden [FIRST EDITION SET] 1988-1990 • Fantagraphics Books

  • $75.00

STICKBOY Issues #1-4 by Dennis Worden



Stickboy #1 - Second Printing / July, 1989

Stickboy #2 - First Printing / May, 1989

Stickboy #3 - First Printing / Feb, 1990

Stickboy #4 - First Printing / Nov. 1990 - 1/10,000

All 4 comics are in very good condition.  Contents all are clean and unmarked and read beautifully.   

Issue #1 has some discoloration to cover.  The other three issues are excellent, with just minor shelf wear. 

Issues 1-3 are magazine sized comics, while issue 4 is a smaller standard size comic. 

All comics are housed in [and will ship in] HQ custom fit comic sleeves. 

Starting at homelessness and ending in Hell, the trail covers a wide, turd covered path of bitching and moaning. A philosophical poop-fest, as rude as it is insightful, it’s a punk mystic’s manifesto, creating a new religion from the scraps left after everything falls apart. Or it’s an idiot’s joke book for deranged a-holes. Who knows? Underground comics god, Robert Crumb, said Stickboy #1 was, “Hilarious stuff, full of nihilism and agonizing over the big questions… love it.” Then he said the publisher must be out of his mind. Well, this publisher certainly is, that I know for sure. The author/artist, Dennis Worden, also wrote The Way Of The Good Hedonist, a nonfiction, non-comic book that went way further into the philosophical “poop fest” that stunk up the Stickboy books. Publisher of that is out of his mind too.