Terror on Planet Ionus by Allen Adler [1966 PAPERBACK]

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Mach 1 - Terror on Planet Ionus by Allen Adler


Mass market paperback in very good condition.  Cover has some visible wear and mild creasing; but is in nice shape.  Pages have yellowing / faint foxing from age.  

An indescribable horror is almost upon you earthlings. Your reason and caution will die with your bodies. Karkong exists!

Less than a minute later atomic torpedoman Jeb Curtis saw Karkong. The hideous planet-eater towered over thirty feet in height, clawing the lightning bolts around him. The monster's form was that of a human giant burned black by its own heat. The tendons of its powerful muscles ran like tree roots across its body, so that it looked like a huge, human-shaped pile of smoldering pitch. It writhed in a frenzy of uncontrolled fury. Karkong was starving. And this time it wanted to devour Earth itself!

This was the terror on the planet Ionus that Jeb Curtis had to kill-so Earth might survive!