The Ananga Ranga or The Hindu Art of Love of Kalyana Maffa [1964 PAPERBACK]

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The Ananga Ranga: The Hindu Art of Love of Kalyana Maffa 


Translated by Richard Burton. 

Nice vintage reading copy; cover has some light shelf wear and discoloration on back.  

The Hindu poet, Katyana Malla, composed 'The Hindu Art of Love' to promote complete physical enjoyment in marriage. According to the translator, Sir Richard Burton, 'the object of the book, which opens with praises of the gods, is not to encourage chambering and wantonness, but simply, and inall sincerity, to prevent the separation of husband and wife. Feeling convince that monogamy is a happier state than polygamy, he would save the married couple from the monotony and satiety which follow possession, by varying their pleasures in every conceivable way, and by supplying them with the means of being physically pure and physically pleasant to each other.