The Believers [aka The Religion] by Nicholas Condé [1987 MOVIE TIE-IN PAPERBACK]

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The Believers by Nicholas Condé [originally published under title "The Religion"


Book has some visible shelf / edge wear to cover but is clean, tight and reads very nicely.

An acknowledged classic in the horror genre, THE RELIGION tells the story of a Professor of Anthropology who relocates with his young son to New York City after the accidental death of his wife, and the way father and son become unknowingly enmeshed in the ongoing practice of Voodoo--and other voodoo-based cults--that survive in some of the city's communities. Suggested by carefully researched material, including police files and newspaper archives, the book supposes the continuing practice of human sacrifice for the purpose--as in ancient beliefs--of averting the wrath of divine forces, perhaps even to avert the end of civilization.