The Borrowers Afloat by Mary Norton [FIRST EDITION] 1959

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The Borrowers Afloat by Mary Norton & illustrated by Beth and Joe Krush


12th printing / 1959.

Hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition. 

Refurbished ex-library copy.

Dust jacket is in beautiful shape; sticker on spine.  Looks new!

Book itself has beautiful clean cloth boards.  All lib. materials removed.  Front endpapers fixed to boards.  A few markings on title and copyright pages.  Reads beautifully.

Pod, Homily, and Arrietty Clock -- the miniature Borrowers -- depend for their livelihood on the "human beans" whose cottage they live in. So when they discover that their humans are moving away, the Borrowers are forced to find a new home and a new family to borrow from. With the help of the wild Borrower boy Spiller, they make a harrowing journey down the cottage drain in a soap dish and are soon living in a teakettle by a river. But the poor Borrowers barely have time enough to catch their breath before flood or famine or their old enemy Milk Eye sends them looking for a home once again.