The Castle Of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander [TRADE PAPERBACK / 1990]

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The Castle Of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander 


Late 80's / Early 90's trade paperback edition with rare cover art.

Book is in excellent condition.  Minor wear.  

Book III in The Chronicles of Prydain 

Princess Eilonwy hates to leave her friend Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper, and her beloved home, Caer Dallben. Why does she have to go to the Isle of Mona to train as a proper lady when she's already a princess? But Eilonwy soon faces much more than the ordeal of becoming a dignified young maiden, for she possesses magical powers sought by the evil enchantress Queen Achren.

When Eilonwy is put under a deep spell, Taran and his companions set out on a dangerous quest to rescue her. Yet how can a lowly Assistant Pig-Keeper hope to stand against the most evil enchantress in all of Prydain?