The Dead Game by A. Bates [1993 PAPERBACK] Point Horror #36

  • $10.00

The Dead Game by A. Bates [POINT HORROR #36]


1st print w/ embossed metallic fonts on cover! 

Vintage paperback in very good condition.  Some light wear to cover; mostly to edges / corners.  Reads like new. 

Linnie, Ming and Jackson don’t like fakers, the people who cheat, lie and climb over others to get what they want. They make up a game to get back at them. The object is public humiliation, which the kids figure is appropriate retribution for cheaters. But the game goes wrong, almost as if it is playing itself. Or could someone else possibly have taken it over? When a student on their “hit” list dies, Linnie, Ming and Jackson know they have to do something to stop a game that is out of control. But how do you stop something when you can’t figure out the rules?