The Death of Innocence by John & Patsy Ramsey [FIRST EDITION] 2000 • Thomas Nelson

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The Death of Innocence: The Untold Story of JonBenet's Murder by John & Patsy Ramsey


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Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition with light wear to jacket. 

Since the murder of their daughter on Christmas night, 1996, John and Patsy Ramsey have lived a nightmare of grief, fear, and persecution. Throughout the onslaught, they have remained quiet, patiently trusting that the focus would finally turn to finding the person who committed this heinous crime. The Death of Innocence contradicts the myths, half-truths, and outright lies that have been published as fact in this tragic case. It also tells of the Ramsey's faith in God, their trust that He is in control, and their relationship with Him that has seen them through this tortuous ordeal. From the people who have lived it, this is the entire story for the first time—from the inside out.