The Death of Jim Loney by James Welch [PENGUIN CLASSICS PAPERBACK]

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The Death of Jim Loney by James Welch


Penguin classics Black Label edition. 

Book is in excellent condition.   Light shelf / edge wear to cover.  

James Welch never shied away from depicting the lives of Native Americans damned by destiny and temperament to the margins of society. The Death of Jim Loney is no exception.

Jim Loney is a mixed-blood, of white and Indian parentage. Estranged from both communities, he lives a solitary, brooding existence in a small Montana town. His nights are filled with disturbing dreams that haunt his waking hours. Rhea, his lover, cannot console him; Kate, his sister, cannot penetrate his world. In sparse, moving prose, Welch has crafted a riveting tale of disenfranchisement and self-destruction.