The Dragon in the Ghetto Caper by E.L. Konigsburg

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Vintage 1985 Dell-Yearling Paperback Printing of this uh... what? Seriously though, WTF? What is this book!?  Book is in good condition; some light wear / minor discoloration to cover and tanning to pages.

Andy's not your average resident of exclusive Foxmeadow -- whenever he sits down to draw something, it turns out to be a dragon. And he wants to be a famous detective when he grows up. Everyone knows a famous detective needs a sidekick, but Mrs. Edie Yakots, a lonely new bride who's just moved into Foxmeadow, isn't exactly what Andy had in mind -- he sometimes has a hard time just figuring out what's she's talking about. But she's the only volunteer for the job, and before he knows it, she's led him right into the middle of his first real crime -- in an "inner-city" neighborhood a short drive from Foxmeadow.