The Fog by Caroline B. Cooney [1989 PAPERBACK] • Point Horror

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The Fog by Caroline B. Cooney [LOSING CHRISTINA TRILOGY #1]


5th printing.   Vintage paperback in very condition. 

Cover has a few creases and mild shelf wear, but looks great overall.

Reads good as new.  Small stamp on underside of cover.

Christina leaves her home on Burning Fog Isle, off the Maine coast, to go to school on the mainland. She's not worried. She can handle the work. She can handle the kids who scorn "poor, hick islanders." But there's one thing she can't handle.  The Evil.

Something very, very dangerous is going on in the home of the principal, Mr. Shevvington, and his wife, where Christina boards with the beautiful, dreamy Anya.
Anya is being driven mad before Christina's eyes.
Now the fog is coming in. It is cutting them off, as if it had a life of its own, trapping Cristina and Anya in the old house on the cliffs above the sea.
Christina and Anya are alone with the Evil.
And then, it's just Christina....