The Fury From Earth by Dean McLaughlin [1963 PAPERBACK]

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Cover shows general wear and discoloration. Pages are nice and readable with some tanning.

It wasn't possible. No earth-made missile could escape deflection - or destruction! - by the sentry satellites that kept radar watch on the space around Venus for a million miles out.

But on they came, faster than anything had ever travelled before! And they shook the planet Venus like a toy rattle, ripping deep wounds in its desolate flank, swallowing cities whole.

What was this strange new weapon? What defense could be erected against a "blind bomb?" the questions came as commands to Venus-born, Earth-reared Alex Frost. But when Alex completed his secret mission to the sweet planet of his youth, he returned weary and disillusioned.

Once again - in 2154 A.D. - the powers-that-were on earth had corrupted the peaceful research of its scientific community and turned it toward destruction. Space War I could no longer be avoided..."